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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

clinic Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP therapy is also known as Autologous Conditioned Plasma. PRP injected in to specific areas of the skin act as a matrix that promotes your collagen to grow, regenerate tissue, and this act to naturally smooth and tighten the skin. PRP softens wrinkles and created smoother skin texture and tone.  It gives you a flawless and younger looking skin.PRP uses the platelets to stimulate activity in the hair follicles.

PRP uses the natural healing powers of your blood to repair damaged cartilage, tendons, ligaments, muscle and bone. It can reduce pain, improve joint function and help you return quickly to normal day-to day activities.

The healing properties of the blood components in PRP can be used in cosmetic treatments for:

The treatment is generally administered at three weekly intervals. Since the treatment is prepared from your own blood, the treatment carries a low risk.
We use the U225 Mesogun at Riya Clinic, which is based on the technology of the aeronautical industry–it provides a powerful delivery device which results in a treatment that is almost painless. The U225 gun incorporates needling and cannula into one treatment process–what's more, without the need for numbing cream, the pain is tolerable. The U225 gun's treatment time is faster and less pain.

Side Effects
Side effects are uncommon, but they can be. An infection may occur when a needle is inserted through the skin. The other more common side effect of PRP injections is an increase in post-injection inflammation and pain.
PRP injections are not recommended for people with bleeding problems, those taking anti-coagulation medications (e.g. Coumadin), or those with cancer, active infections or pregnant.

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