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clinicWe here at Riya Clinic expertise in minor surgical procedures such as Lipoma, skin tags, Seborrheic keratosis, fibroma, mole removal to give you the best possible results.

Lipoma is a common condition which is characterised by a fatty lump underneath the skin, which can present anywhere in the body. These are benign (Non-Cancerous) condition but large Lipoma can turn into Sarcoma (Cancerous). We at Riya clinic or its one of the branch surgery remove this Lipoma under local Anaesthesia. We always recommend and it is an Ethical practice to send the tissue which we remove for Histology (Biopsy) to confirm the nature of the tissue.

Sebaceous cyst is also called as Epidermoid Cyst or Pilar cyst can present with a cystic swelling can present anywhere in the body. If left untreated there is always a chance of infection and getting bigger. It is usually recommended to remove the cyst early to prevent any complication. We usually advice best time to remove this swelling is when there is no infection and there is definite swelling palpable. These procedures are done at Riya clinic or one of the branch Surgery under Local anaesthesia. We always recommend to have Histology (Biopsy) done to confirm the nature of the disease.

Fibrous Papule are also a benign condition usually present in face non tender flesh coloured swelling usually 2 to 5 mm in diameter these are Benign condition and this can be treated by either shave excision radiosurgery or Laser vaporisation depending on the size and location, we try remove it in such a way that it leaves least scarring. We always recommend to have Histology (Biopsy) to confirm the nature of the disease.

Skin tag can be single or multiple. These are soft skin coloured growth which are unsighted to look at for some person. They are usually seen on the neck, armpits, around Groin, under the breasts but can be seen anywhere in the body. These are benign condition and we treat is by Radiosurgery, excision or by laser Vaporisation. We always recommend to have Histology (Biopsy) done to confirm the nature of the disease.

Keloids are unsighted scar which usually follows after some surgical procedure. They are usually bigger than the original scar and they are shiny, hairless raised scar which is darker compared to the surrounding structure. They could be itchy & painful. Treatment is not always successful but injecting steroids in the scar helps in shrinking the scar. Here at Riya clinic we offer Kenalog injection of the Keloids.

Seborrheic keratosis is a benign condition which originates from the outer layer of skin and seen in elderly population and could be unlighted to look at. We at Riya clinic depending on the location either shave and excise it or use Radiosurgery or Laser Vaporize to remove it to give best cosmetic result. We always recommend to have Histology (Biopsy) done to confirm the nature of the disease.

Mole are of various shape and size, they should not be ignored as they could become cancerous if left untreated. Moles are usually small coloured spot in the skin if they change in size shape or colour they need urgent attention. It is usually advisable to check with your GP and if they suspect any mole to be cancerous you will be referred to the secondary care under 2 weeks rule to be seen by specialist under NHS. If it is only for cosmetic reason or for your mental satisfaction you want your mole to be excised here at Riya clinic or one of its branch clinic we can remove the Mole. We always recommend to have Histology (Biopsy) done to confirm the nature of the disease.

Torn Ear lobe Repair Pierced ear lobe can gradually get widened and sometimes split because of heavy earrings. Here at Riya clinic we can repair the ear lobule to give a perfect look and shape.This procedure is carried out under local anesthesia and the edges of the split ear are refashioned and they are sutured together with fine sutures to give a perfect look.

Warts and verruca Virus causes Warts and Verruca and it presents as rough whitish skin lesion over the skin, which can cause irritation itchy and embarrassment. Common area involved is palm sole feet. Most of the wart resolves on its own but it is a slow process and may take months to resolve. Here at Riya clinic we perform Radio-surgery (Electro cautery), which burn the wart at a very high temperature, which is done under Local Anesthesia. Some warts are very stubborn and they might require few treatment.

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